Spirits Canada statement on evidence-based low-risk drinking guidelines

January 17, 2023 – Toronto, ON: Spirits Canada today urged government to ensure Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines continue to be based on the totality of scientific evidence needed to inform Canadian adults about responsible alcohol consumption in moderation, for those who choose to drink.

Commenting on a statistical modeling review conducted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), commissioned and funded by Health Canada as part of a larger policy review, Spirits Canada President and CEO Jan Westcott said:

“At this time when Canadians rely on credible public health guidance more than ever, government must ensure that a further review of CCSA’s modeling takes into account the totality of scientific evidence. As Health Canada considers future updates to its policy, it is critical to uphold Canada’s longstanding emphasis on sound, evidence-based low-risk drinking guidelines that support Canadians’ responsible choices.

Spirits Canada’s members strongly support initiatives that encourage adults who choose to consume alcoholic beverages to do so responsibly and in moderation.

Spirits Canada looks forward to participating in an open and transparent stakeholder process conducted by the Government of Canada, who are ultimately responsible for determining and implementing updates to Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines.”

Canada’s longstanding, evidence-based low-risk drinking guidelines have successfully contributed to significant decreases in risks like drinking and driving since their adoption in 2011.

Canadian consumers should make informed choices about their consumption of alcohol, or whether they choose to drink at all. Useful resources for Canadians can be found in both official languages on the Educ’alcool platform: https://www.educalcool.qc.ca



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Spirits Canada partners with producers, liquor boards and government agencies to promote the growth of the industry and are strongly committed to the encouragement of moderate and responsible consumption of beverage alcohol for those adults that choose to drink. For more information, visit SpiritsCanada.ca.

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