The Voice of the Distilled Spirits Industry in Canada.

Spirits Canada is the leading voice and National trade organization representing the interests of the distilled spirits industry across Canada.

Spirits Canada and its member companies are strongly committed to the encouragement of moderate and responsible consumption of beverage alcohol for those adults that choose to drink.

Who We Are

Spirits Canada was founded in 1947 to support Canada’s distilled spirits industry both nationally and globally. We partner with producers, liquor boards and government agencies to promote the economic growth of the industry while encouraging the responsible consumption of our products. 

We promote relationships that strengthen Canada’s unparalleled “grain to glass” process of premium distilled products. Our industry’s proud history speaks to our future. Canada’s spirits industry is committed to sustainability, generating positive economic impact, forging strong relationships with Canadian communities, and increasing the diversity of our workforce.  

LCBO hidden tax cash grab threatens consumers’ favourite brands

TORONTO – MAY 17, 2024 – As Ontarians gear up to celebrate the May long weekend, consumers of beverage alcohol in the province may soon also have to gear up for higher prices and a dwindling selection of well-known vodkas, whiskies, rums, gins and tequilas at the LCBO. The makers of well-known brands like Crown Royal, Canadian Club, JP Wiser’s, Forty Creek, Bacardi and El Jimador Tequila, among others, are sounding the alarm after months of disappointing conversations with the LCBO. These companies represent almost 70% of the spirits products sold in Ontario.

Moderation and Responsibility

Beer (5% alc.)

341 ml / 12 fl oz.

Wine (12% alc.)

142 ml / 5 fl oz.

Distilled Spirits

(40% alc.)
43 ml / 1.5 fl oz.

The vast majority of Canadians consume alcohol wisely and in moderation. But no matter what you choose to drink, whether it be beer, wine or spirits, alcohol is alcohol. If you choose to drink, understanding the standard drinks guidelines can help you set your limits, stick to them, and encourage others to do the same.


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Spirits Canada is committed to supporting a vibrant, innovative and fair spirits sectors that leads to opportunities for the industry growth throughout Canada and around the world, from grain to glass.

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