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Michael Barrington

Mixologist & Bar Team Lead

Michael has been with Spirits Canada for over 20 years as the Associations’ Lead Bartender and Mixologist.

Originally from Toronto, Mike was first introduced to the world of craft cocktails while working in Banff, Alberta. As a bartender throughout his years at school, his willingness to learn more and explore more of the industry was what drove him to bartend across Canada and the UK before joining Spirits Canada.

Mike joined Spirits Canada in 2000 and over the years, has had the opportunity share history, culture and experience of the cocktail world. Further, with the rise of the Canadian Whisky category in 2005, Mike has travelled all over and led various Canadian whisky tasting experiences with Spirits Canada.

Some notable experiences:

  • Canadian Whisky Showcase, Shanghai 2006
  • Canadian Whisky Tasting – Hong Kong, 2007
  • Classic Canadian Cocktails reception – Canadian Embassy, Washington, 2012

Mike has also led receptions at various legislative assemblies across the country, including Parliament Hill.

Mike always enjoys the experiences of interacting with others, making them a fantastic classic cocktail, while giving them a little bit of history and empowering them with the knowledge & know-how to make it themselves.

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