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Spirits Industry
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Spirits Canada is the leading voice and National trade organization representing the interests of the distilled spirits industry across Canada.

Spirits Canada and its member companies are strongly committed to the encouragement of moderate and responsible consumption of beverage alcohol for those adults that choose to drink.

Who We Are

Founded in 1947, Spirts Canada aims to inspire the past, present and future generations of distilled spirits lovers, and be a partner in industry growth in both Canada and globally.

Our aim is to welcome, connect, educate and inform; from promoting relationships that strengthen the “grain to Glass” process of premium distilled products, to driving industry success with, and for, our distilled spirits counterparts across the world on moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol, current issues, sustainability, economic impact, policy and data.

Moderation and Responsibility

Beer (5% alc.)

341 ml / 12 fl oz.

Wine (12% alc.)

142 ml / 5 fl oz.

Distilled Spirits

(40% alc.)
43 ml / 1.5 fl oz.

The vast majority of Canadians consume alcohol wisely and in moderation. But no matter what you choose to drink, whether it be beer, wine or spirits, alcohol is alcohol. If you choose to drink, understanding the standard drinks guidelines can help you set your limits, stick to them, and encourage others to do the same.


Advocating for
our Spirits Industry

Spirits Canada is committed to supporting a vibrant, innovative and fair spirits sectors that leads to opportunities for the industry growth throughout Canada and around the world, from grain to glass.

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